You don’t know these functions of microneedle beauty?

Many MM who like to do medical beauty must know micro needle beauty. It can be said to be a very fashionable beauty method now. Microneedle cosmetology is to stimulate the skin through many tiny needles on the microneedle roller. Using the “point-to-point” ultra-fine penetration technology, the microneedle can make more than 200000 micro pipelines in a very short time, and locate, layer and quantitatively introduce the “skin nutrient” containing cell growth factor, detoxification factor and ultra concentrated nutrients directly into the deep skin cells. Make the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin, and then match with effective products such as wrinkle removal, whitening, repair, stretch marks removal and scar removal, so as to achieve the ideal effects of lightening wrinkles, treating scars, stretch marks, skin whitening, lightening color spots, acne, coarse pores, improving eye wrinkles, dark circles, tightening and improving facial skin tissue. At the same time, microneedles can stimulate the dermis, promote the proliferation of bone collagen through the self-healing ability of the skin, and increase the thickness of the epidermal layer of the skin by about 8%. From these perspectives, the cosmetic effect of microneedles can be comparable to laser and filling plastic surgery. In conclusion, it has the following advantages

You don’t know these functions of microneedle beauty_ Effect of cell regeneration factor on microneedle plastic

1、 Function

  1. It can improve the circulatory function: promote the microcirculation of dermal tissue, enrich the subcutaneous capillary network, restore the blood flow of dermis, further restore the nutritional supply and energy metabolism of skin tissue, and make a “rosy and youthful face”.
  2. It can improve nerve function: it has a good maintenance effect on the nerve endings of skin tissue, repair the degeneration of nerve endings, and let a more “smart brain” command the play of various physiological functions of skin tissue.
  3. Improve the fiber synthesis function: improve the fiber synthesis function of skin tissue, make the dermal connective tissue dense again, and make a “compact and round face”.
  4. Improve the regeneration ability of epidermal cells: accelerate the renewal and metabolism of epidermis, and restore the moisture, uniformity and delicacy of epidermis.

Cell regeneration factor is indispensable for microneedle beauty. What is cell regeneration factor? Let’s look at it now

2、 Cell regeneration factor

Cell regeneration factor, also known as gene beauty products in the industry, is made of “human derived active peptides” rather than traditional chemical preparations. “Human self-derived active peptides” refers to the active peptide substances in human body as the “template”, which are produced by gene recombination technology, and then have the same characteristics as the substances in human body. For example, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and epidermal growth factor (EGF) are important substances in the human body, which can be “produced” in large quantities through gene recombination technology. After VEGF and EGF are obtained through gene recombination technology, they are made into skin care products according to the needs of the skin, which is called “gene beauty products”. “Human derived active peptide” preparation is gradually replacing the “chemical preparation” cosmetics in very good and second-generation bottles and cans with its amazing effect and safety, and gradually becoming the third-generation skin care products that bring beautiful gospel to mankind.

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