What is microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal

Microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal can reasonably improve the infiltration ability of nutrients. Compared with traditional skin care products, the effect is more than 40 times. Microneedle cosmetic wrinkle removal can make the thickness of the skin epidermis proliferate by about 8%, and its actual effect can be comparable to laser and filling cosmetic surgery. Micro needle beauty and wrinkle removing products basically cover the whole body, and the side effects are very low.

The appearance of micro needle beauty is patented by Dr. Horst, a Dutch doctor and expert. It is attached with 192 micro sewing needles on a delicate meso roller to work according to the continuous turnover on the skin. According to the different functions and effects, the diameter of sewing needles of each model and specification varies from 0.07 to 0.2mm. Alloy products with high toughness and high toughness are preferred. After being magnetized by bionic technology, ultra-low temperature electroplating, bacteriostasis and other processing processes, the micro needle roller is beaten to a top instrument and equipment that is durable, effective and reliable.

Characteristics of microneedle for beauty and wrinkle removal

  1. Using the natural healing ability of the wound, it is not easy to harden the skin or cause the skin cells to collapse
  2. Microneedle beauty can make a lot of ultra-fine particle pipelines, so that specific ingredients can reasonably penetrate into the skin.
  3. No side effects
  4. The micro needle beauty massage instrument has obvious function, can be trusted, and the actual operation is simple.
  5. After the application of micro needle beauty treatment, the medical care is simple, and general outdoor activities and games can be carried out, including sun exposure.
  6. The design scheme of micro needle beauty is widely gathered, and the distance between the needle and the needle is only 0.3mm, which can achieve the best healing effect of the wound.

Effect of microneedle on beauty and wrinkle removal

  1. Reduce wrinkles, cause bone collagen hyperplasia, treat honeycomb tissue, skin thickness problems, treat scars and stretch marks
  2. Skin whitening, reducing color spots, improving eye wrinkles, dark circles, stimulating bone collagen proliferation, tightening and improving facial skin tissue.
  3. Control hair loss, family medical care and reasonable transportation of nutrients.

What is the actual effect of microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal

Microneedle beauty wrinkle removal uses point-to-point ultra micro penetration technology to immediately transmit the high-efficiency and specific components of microorganisms to the required aspects of skin tissue, so that they can be digested and absorbed by the skin quickly and thoroughly. The application of microneedle beauty wrinkle removal can not only cure the shortcomings of the skin, but also maintain the skin and make the skin more and more beautiful, Therefore, the actual effect of microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal is regular. However, the absorption of nutrients and the ability of maintenance work are different according to everyone’s skin, and are also related to the amount of nutrients introduced. However, the amount of nutrients introduced is also different according to their own skin type. Therefore, how long the actual effect of microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal can be maintained is different according to their personal conditions.

Microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal can improve the infiltration of nutrients, improve the thickness of the skin, and have no side effects. Before carrying out microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal, apply hemp plaster on the face to alleviate the pain in the whole process of treatment. Microneedle beauty and wrinkle removal belong to minimally invasive surgical treatment. Attention should be paid to repair and sunscreen isolation after operation.

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