What are the side effects of laser hair removal

Laser depilation is the most advanced permanent depilation method at present. It has the advantages of strong pertinence, remarkable curative effect, simple operation, fast speed, slight pain, no scar and small side effects. It can act on hair follicles in different parts and depths, and effectively remove hair in any part and depth of the human body. While obtaining ideal hair removal effect, it can effectively protect the epidermis from thermal damage, so it is welcomed by the majority of beauty seekers.

But are there many side effects of laser hair removal? What are the side effects of laser hair removal? General laser hair removal requires three to six times of treatment. As long as after laser hair removal, hair cannot grow. Even if there is new hair, it will become thinner and less obvious.

During the treatment of laser hair removal technology, some beauty seekers may have temporary redness or swelling, and even mild skin pruritus, which are normal reactions. In a few hours after laser hair removal treatment, the redness and swelling subside and the skin returns to normal. In general, the side effects of laser hair removal may be as follows:

1、 In operation

  1. Pain: during each laser irradiation, there may be slight and instantaneous skin pain, which will disappear after stopping the irradiation without anesthesia;
  2. Erythema: after laser irradiation, there is temporary skin redness in the irradiation area;
  3. Wind mass: after laser irradiation, there is “” a small swelling “” in the pores, just like a small pimple after mosquito bite, which can subside naturally after 1-2 hours;

2、 After operation

  1. Erythema: there may be light erythema in the irradiation area, which generally subsides naturally after a few days;
  2. Peeling: some people have brown thin scabs on their skin after treatment, which fall off naturally in about a week;
  3. Pigmentation: a few people may have light brown spots after treatment, which is a response of the skin to laser treatment. Because only a few people occur, it is related to the individual’s special constitution. If pigmentation occurs, most of them can still recover after a few months. The 800 nm, 100 ms semiconductor laser has a longer pulse width than the general 30 ms laser, and is equipped with a cooling head, so the possibility of pigmentation is less.

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