What are the precautions of dot matrix laser surgery

1、 Precautions for dot matrix laser surgery

The lattice laser produces exfoliation bands, and the transverse and longitudinal coagulation bands react to stimulate tissue regeneration, while the normal skin “bridge” between the exfoliation bands helps speed up skin reconstruction. While improving the curative effect, the recovery period was significantly reduced.

What are the precautions of dot matrix laser surgery_ What are the advantages of lattice laser

  1. The skin is repaired quickly and the effect lasts for a long time
  2. High energy, short pulse width, precise control of epidermis and dermis
  3. Penetrate the dermis and activate the collagen repair mechanism
  4. It acts on the epidermis and instantly tightens the skin

Precautions for dot matrix laser surgery:

  1. Preoperative preparation: clean the treatment site and choose surface anesthesia as appropriate.
  2. Postoperative reaction: slight redness and swelling, exudation, swelling can be reduced after 1 or 2 days, and scab healing gradually.
  3. Repair time: the epidermis will basically heal within 24 hours after dot matrix treatment. It can be washed with water in 2-3 days. After about 6 days, the skin will basically return to its normal appearance, and the internal collagen regeneration can last for several months, that is, the effect of continuous improvement of skin lesions can be seen within a few months after treatment.
  4. Treatment interval: it takes about 3-5 times to treat scars, photoaging, wrinkles, relaxation, stretch marks, expansion marks, that is, to improve skin texture and shrink pores, with an interval of 1-3 months; It takes about 1 ~ 3 times to treat proliferative skin diseases, with an interval of about 2 months. Follow the specific doctor’s advice.

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