What are the advantages of laser removing birthmarks?

1、 Thorough. Using laser to remove birthmarks can be more effective and thorough, and generally there will be no recurrence after laser removal of birthmarks. As long as daily care is done after laser, there will be no recurrence and sequelae.

2、 No pain. In the treatment of laser removal of birthmarks, there is no need for anesthesia, because there will be no very painful feeling. If it is a large birthmark, you can ask the doctor for anesthesia treatment, there will be no severe pain symptoms, and of course there will be no massive bleeding.

3、 It has a wide range of applications. Laser treatment has a wide range. In addition to removing common birthmarks, it can also treat red birthmarks and green birthmarks. Therefore, if you want to remove the birthmark, laser removal is a good choice.

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