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Side effects of microneedle?

Microneedle beauty is a kind of beauty, skin care and medical technology that many people are not unfamiliar with. According to microneedle beauty, it can deal with some problems of human skin or other aspects of human body, make people look younger, and also make people’s body more physically and mentally healthy. Naturally, the therapeutic effect of microneedle beauty is still very good, but if the treatment is not good, there will be side effects. Here is a detailed introduction to the side effects of microneedle beauty!

1、 Side effect of microneedle beauty: pain

First of all, the most immediate side effect caused by non-standard microneedle beauty is pain. This is because microneedle beauty treatment itself is a treatment method that uses microneedle beauty to open holes in the skin and repair the skin itself. However, fortunately, this kind of pain in the end of microneedle beauty can be borne by those who pursue beauty.

2、 Side effects of microneedle beauty: mild bleeding

Microneedle beauty treatment of microneedle beauty will damage the skin. Therefore, the skin will have the side effect of mild bleeding due to this damage. However, children who pursue beauty need not worry too much. Because the blood coagulation function of the human body will repair the wound independently, the wound caused by microneedle beauty will no longer bleed.

3、 Side effect of microneedle beauty: wound suppuration

After microneedle cosmetology, some beauty seekers with sensitive skin will have scarring. It is a normal whole process of skin wound care, but not every subject has a certain reflection.

4、 Side effects of microneedle beauty: facial burning

Microneedle cosmetology is generally combined with frequent injection to carry out treatment, which will cause burning feeling. This is because the kinetic energy of frequent injection will warm the skin. Therefore, friends who pursue beauty will feel warm after microneedle cosmetology. If the kinetic energy in the treatment is relatively high, the burning feeling of the face will be more obvious. Girls who pursue beauty can apply calming products under the specific guidance of doctors, so as to reduce the burning feeling of the face.

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