Several characteristics and functions of laser finishing are introduced

In modern medicine, laser technology has been popular for many years. Especially after the development of micro plastic surgery, laser beauty has become a new favorite in the industry. Today, let’s learn about laser plastic surgery with Xiaobian.

What are the functions of laser shaping?

  1. Depigmentation. Lasers of different colors can remove different pigments from the skin on the surface of our body, such as moles (melanin) and so on.
  2. Remove defects. Laser can also remove papules, vegetations or benign tumors on the surface of our skin.
  3. Hair removal. Lasers can also permanently remove our body hair.
  4. Scar removal. Laser can remove the small wrinkles on our faces, uneven scars and rough skin caused by acne.
  5. Remove cancer cells. Laser scalpel can replace scalpel to carry out fine, minimally invasive and blood-free plastic and surgical operations, such as removal of pouch, plastic surgery of various facial contours and resection of cancer cells.

What are the characteristics of laser plastic surgery?

  1. Very safe. For the human body, different pigments can generally be removed with different laser wavelengths, which is called “selective damage” in medicine, and the laser beam can be well manipulated and has a good effect on its effect, and will not cause any damage to normal skin.
  2. The wound is small. The speed of the laser is 30000 / s, which can produce very large energy in an instant, minimize the skin damage without any feeling, and reduce the pain of patients.
  3. No scars. When using laser therapy, the parameters of laser can be controlled by computer, which can act on our skin layer by layer accurately and quickly, so it will not damage the inside of our body and leave scars.

It can be said that cosmetic and plastic surgery with laser method is very good, and will not leave scars. It fundamentally acts on the deep layer of the skin, the effect is obvious and lasting, will not cause any chemical and physical damage to the skin, and will not rebound. Moreover, the operation of laser beauty and plastic surgery is simple. After each operation, its effect can be reflected immediately. Therefore, it is more and more widely welcomed by everyone. The use of laser in plastic surgery is more and more extensive, and the operation effect is better and better. Therefore, laser beauty and plastic surgery will be among the best in the future.

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