Rough pores acne face want to do micro needle

There are many acne on both sides of the forehead and nose, with thick pores. There are many closed acne on the eyebrow and chin, as well as many acne marks, not acne pits. I want to make micro needle and roller, but I’m really afraid of pain. How many cm needles are used in this case! I hope someone can answer it. Thank you very much~
Rough pores acne face want to do micro needle
Answer summary
Hello, your condition should be a symptom of closed acne. You can consider microneedle treatment. As for the pain, you don’t have to worry. You will apply anesthetic before microneedle. However, it is recommended that you go to a regular hospital for treatment to ensure the effect and safety.
During the treatment of microneedle plastic, we must eat less spicy and stimulating food, do not drink drinks with strong pigment, and do not smoke or drink. 2. Avoid sunlight and computer radiation during microneedle plastic treatment, and do not apply irritating cosmetics. 3. The treatment position of stretch marks removal project shall be kept away from water within 24 hours. For other items, the nursing position shall be kept free of water for 8 hours. 4., the skin will have slight redness symptoms on the first two days, and can be applied to cold compress or moisturize facial mask at home. 5. A few days after the completion of micro needle plastic, the skin will feel a little rough. It will look like a week. The cuticle of the epidermis will fall off. Drink more water to increase the excretion in the body. 6. After microneedle plastic treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight and computer, and those seeking beauty should do a good job in sunscreen when going out, and do not apply inferior and irritating cosmetics in daily life. 7. In about two days after treatment, the beauty seekers will feel that their skin is slightly red and rough. Some beauty seekers will even fall off the cuticle of the epidermis. This is a normal phenomenon. The beauty of the need for no need to worry too much, only need to make moisturizing facial mask or take a certain degree of cold compress can be solved. Pregnancy and lactation are forbidden. 2. People who are allergic to protein and metals should use it with caution. 3. It is forbidden when you are in an allergic state, especially serious. 4. During the onset of severe heart disease, hypertension, hyperglycemia, poor hemagglutination mechanism, nervous system disorder and scar proliferative skin should be used carefully. Although the cosmetic effect of microneedle is very good, not everyone can do this operation, so beauty seekers must have a detailed physical examination before the operation. If they are the above taboo people, they should also refuse the operation. Of course, in order to ensure the effect of surgery, we should also do a good job of postoperative care according to the doctor’s advice.
Microneedles are painless
Large pores are mainly due to excessive sebum secretion, which leads to large pores. Laser treatment can be used. After irradiating the surface of the skin with different wavelengths of laser, it penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue. It is suggested that the effect of gold micro needle is better. It is recommended to do it according to the treatment course according to the skin condition. It is suggested that the first step for acne is to clean the skin with small bubbles, dredge the pores, prohibit oily powdery cosmetics and heavy makeup, and do not squeeze them casually. Eat less fat, high sugar, spicy and fried foods in the diet, and do some substantial exercise to speed up the blood circulation, so as to eliminate the waste history from the body, and combine micro acupuncture treatment inside and outside.

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