Reject hairy 5 hair removal methods big PK

Arrive summer, many women are having the trouble that depilate. In order to be able to wear your favorite clothes and elegantly perform in a variety of sleeveless skirts, hair removal is imperative. But which method is better?

The first recruit: shaving method depilation

Shaving method is the most traditional and common depilation method, the tool is a special depilation knife for women and depilation lubricant.

When using this method, we need to pay attention to:

1, please apply special depilation lubricant to the skin first, ensure the comfort of depilation process, avoid damage to the skin because of dryness.

2, in the process of use, should keep the hair remover and skin 90 degrees, along the direction of hair growth.

Remember to replace the blade in time, a dull blade will make you get twice the result.

Advantage: scrape manage law can clean the hair of the place such as armpit, limb quickly and thoroughly inside very short time, suit to be used below the circumstance of time tension.

Disadvantages: although using a scraper can achieve temporary smooth and clean effect, but in the future your hair will be heavier and heavier, therefore, it is not recommended to use this method at present.

Suitable parts: limbs, armpits.

The second recruit: depilator depilation

Depilator depilation effect is lasting thoroughly

Depilator is the use of “clip piece” principle of body hair uprooted, usually lasting and complete, skin can maintain smooth and smooth for a few weeks.

When using this method, we need to pay attention to:

1, before depilation, the hair on the skin is cut to 3 to 5 mm and then depilation, the best effect.

2, before using this method of hair removal, it is best to do skin exfoliation care, dry the water droplets on the skin, water droplets, in order to make hair removal more thoroughly.

3, skin allergy, suppuration, injury is strictly prohibited to use.

Advantages: using this method hair removal, can be uprooted body hair, immediate hair removal effect is obvious, and lasting time; There is no residual hair in the pores, and the new hair is almost the same as the original.

Disadvantages: uprooted body hair, strong sense of pain; Improper operation, it is easy to cause skin damage, infection, easy to induce folliculitis.

Suitable parts: limbs, armpits.

The third recruit: wax, stick cloth hair removal

Beeswax, cloth depilation method is also more common depilation method, home, beauty salon can be carried out. The principle of the two methods of hair removal is much the same, both are the use of a sticky substance to stick to the body hair, tear off.

When using this method, we need to pay attention to:

  1. Before depilation, pay attention to cleaning the depilation part, and at the same time, cold compress can be carried out for a short time to relieve the pain.
  2. After hair removal, anti-hair gel or anti-hair essence should be applied. Pay special attention to cleaning and nursing depilation parts, so as not to cause folliculitis.

3, diabetes caused edema, or varicose veins, skin damage is not suitable for people.

Advantages: These two methods are simple to operate, short operation time, good effect, long duration.

Cons: Both methods can cause skin pain, and some of the chemicals they contain can irritate the skin and cause sensitivity. In depilation, body hair is easy to stay in part of the pores, broken half of the hair end is very easy to plunge into the hair follicle, causing folliculitis.

Suitable parts: limbs, armpits, bikini (it is suggested to go to professional beauty).

The fourth recruit: depilation cream depilation

The depilation principle of depilation cream is conducive to the chemical substances which dissolve hair structure, in order to achieve the purpose of depilation.

When using this method, we need to pay attention to:

  1. Skin sensitivity test should be done before use. The chemical substances contained in the hair removal cream may cause skin allergy, so people with sensitive constitution should use with caution.
  2. The skin should be cleaned before use to reduce irritation.
  3. When using the depilation cream, evenly apply it to the part to be depilated. After 5-10 minutes, the hair becomes soft and is scraped clean with the scraper.
  4. It can not be used frequently and should not be used during the menstrual period.

Advantages: Fast and convenient hair removal; No pain at all, no damage to hair follicles.

Disadvantage: lasting time is not long, frequent use easy to cause skin sensitive.

Suitable parts: limbs, armpits, bikini.

The fifth recruit: laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a very popular permanent medical hair removal method. It’s fast, painless and safe.

When using this method, we need to pay attention to:

1, to be carried out in a formal and professional plastic surgery hospital.

2, suitable for the use of lighter skin, the use of darker skin will lead to the destruction of skin pigment, causing white spots will be black spots.

  1. It takes several months to recover after surgery. After surgery, we must carefully maintain and strictly prevent sunscreen.

Pros: The laser removes a single piece of hair at the same time, with minimal risk of scarring after skin burns. Even if there is new hair, it will be thinner and less noticeable than the original.

Disadvantages: the effect varies from person to person, postoperative recovery is slow.

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