Nursing matters and principles after laser hair removal

In hot summer, our skin is always exposed in public. For people with too much hair, once they wear beautiful skirts, they will be embarrassed when others see their leg hair and hand hair. Therefore, in order to alleviate this embarrassment, many people will choose depilation, but some people not only need to ask: how should they care after laser depilation?

How to care after laser hair removal

Pay attention to moisturizing the skin, wipe the skin with a paper towel that feels sterile, and then spray toner appropriately. Drinking more boiled water is a good choice.

Sunscreen and UV protection are essential work. When you go out, you should wear a sunshade and apply sunscreen. It is very important that sauna and exfoliation cannot be carried out within half a year.

After laser hair removal, it is suitable to use low-temperature water to clean the skin. Never use hot water, which will stimulate the laser wound. In addition, always pay attention to protect your skin from hard objects. It’s best to rest at home before recovery.

The wound surface after laser hair removal is easy to be stimulated, so cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid should be used carefully, and it is best not to use them. Don’t eat spicy and other irritating foods, supplement more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and cellulose, and eat less seafood, pickles and other foods.

After depilation, the skin is sensitive and easy to be inflamed. Change your underwear in time. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance, reduce pigment production and supplement more vitamin C.

The depilated skin should not be exposed to the sun; You can’t take a bath, sauna, wash the depilated skin with too hot water, let alone take a bath; In terms of diet, you can’t eat spicy or strongly irritating food.

Through the above introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of how to care after depilation. Excessive hair is indeed a very troublesome thing, but we should also pay attention to some care after depilation, so as to avoid the infection of surgical depilation and see people with the best image.

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