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Micro needle scar removal?

Scar is a problem that many people have. Naturally, if the scar is located in a more significant part, it will have a greater impact on people’s image. Therefore, many people choose all kinds of scar removal methods to treat the scar. Microneedle beauty scar removal is one of them. So, what is the actual effect of micro needle beauty scar removal? The following will give you a detailed explanation of the relevant professional knowledge of micro needle beauty scar removal!

1、 What is the actual effect of micro needle beauty scar removal

There is direct evidence that information microneedle beauty is a simple and reasonable way to treat facial scars, such as shrinkage scars (skin collapse) caused by collagen powder damage. A study conducted in 2009 found that microneedle beauty can reasonably improve the shrinkage scar according to promoting the production of collagen powder. In addition, scientific studies have confirmed that microneedle beauty can reasonably treat acne scars and marks, and only two treatment processes can alleviate the relatively serious level of scars.

2、 How long does microneedle beauty scar removal work

Generally, the actual effect cannot be seen immediately after microneedle beauty treatment. This is because the actual effect of microneedle beauty treatment will not be reflected until the skin is completely repaired. Generally, the time for skin care microneedle beauty treatment damage takes 28 days, Therefore, after doing micro needle beauty, generally 28 super talents can see the best practical effect. Although the effect time of microneedle beauty is slow, it can improve the skin quality problems from the root cause. In addition, if the maintenance is appropriate, the actual effect will last a long time.

3、 Common problems of microneedle beauty

After microneedle cosmetic surgery: do not massage, knead and knead too much within half a month, and prevent the natural environment of high temperature, cold and humidity from being exposed to the sun for a long time. Note that smoking, alcohol control, sauna washing or excessive exercise are strictly prohibited. In addition, pay attention not to rub the injection position with strength.

Before microneedle cosmetic surgery: 1. Prepare the active body cells in advance to prevent rejection reaction. 2. 2. Do a good job in repairing damaged somatic cells in time and prepare in advance. 3. Do a good job in new cell regeneration and prevent neonatal cell variation and proliferation.

The above is a detailed introduction to the actual effect, effective time and common problems of micro needle beauty scar removal. It can be found that the actual effect of micro needle beauty scar removal is still relatively good. However, if you want to make full use of the actual effect of micro needle beauty scar removal, you have to do a good job in the relevant work before and after the operation!

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