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Micro needle blackhead removal?

Blackhead acne is one of the problems that annoy many people. Due to the existence of blackhead acne, it still has a great impact on people’s skin image, which will make people’s skin look not so detailed and smooth. Naturally, if blackhead acne is not solved for a long time, it will even continue to cause more serious skin diseases. Naturally, there are many ways to remove blackheads. Microneedle beauty removing blackheads is one of them.

1、 Inducement of blackhead acne

Blackhead acne is a hard bottomed vegetable oil blockage, which generally appears in the forehead and nose of the face. When the vegetable oil glands are too irritated and the skin pores are filled with unnecessary vegetable oil, resulting in cold resistance, there is often a feeling of greasiness at the tip of the nose and around. This vegetable oil will eventually harden and become a small gray black point after air oxidation. This small point is the vegetable oil blockage called blackhead acne.

2、 Efficacy of microneedles

Microneedle plastic is an accurate and reasonable beauty and skin care trick, which solves the problems of the medical and beauty and skin care circles in the new century. Different from the traditional surgical treatment of beauty and skin care and the surface wiping of general skin care and beauty, microneedle Meisu applies b.n. mmeso roller to irritate the skin and makes many ultra-fine particle pipelines to make the specific ingredients reasonably penetrate into the skin.

3、 Advantages of microneedle beauty and blackhead removal

  1. Rapid, does not affect all normal work and life, plays a significant role. Of course, it is easy and simple to quickly see the transformation of the skin;
  2. Stimulate somatic cells, repair damaged tissue, participate in cell differentiation, remove wrinkles, improve skin, whiten skin and delay aging. The actual effect is remarkable. Non surgical treatment does not damage skin tissue, no side effects, no skin allergy, high safety factor, no trace, no pain and no rebound;
  3. No side effects, reliable, significant effects, rapid practical operation, non-invasive, unique bioactive ingredients promote the improvement of somatic immunity, alleviate skin recession, and always maintain health and beauty;
  4. Non operative treatment can not destroy the consistency of skin structure, and gradually eliminate the deep-seated endotoxin and waste of skin;
  5. Safety, of course, is easy and simple. You can see the transformation of the skin in an instant;
  6. Use the natural healing ability of the wound to induce the growth and development of the skin’s own nutrients and collagen, stimulate the skin’s self-healing ability, promote the skin’s basic metabolism, and maintain the skin’s ductility and beauty.

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