Laser hair removal, say goodbye to “hands and feet”

A beautiful woman is a scenery, but the body hair that hinders the view is no small regret. Therefore, hair removal has become an indispensable compulsory course for beautiful women. Laser hair removal is the most advanced hair removal method once and for all. Its principle is based on the theory of selective photothermal action. There is abundant melanin in hair follicles and hair shafts. Melanin is distributed between the cells of hair bulb matrix and can also transfer to the structure of hair shafts (such as medulla, cortex and hair cuticle). Laser can accurately and selectively depilate with melanin as the target. After melanin absorbs the energy of laser, the temperature rises sharply, which destroys the surrounding hair follicle tissue and removes the hair.

The method of laser hair removal can be used almost everywhere in the body. It also has the advantages of processing a large area at the same time, faster and easier hair removal, almost no pain, no injury to the skin and any surrounding tissues, permanent removal of body hair, and soft and fine skin after hair removal, so that you no longer have the embarrassment of “hands and feet”.

Operating procedures:

  1. Shave off the body hair at the depilated part first. If you are not used to scraping it in the hospital, you do not need to wash it in advance.
  2. Adjust the laser for hair removal treatment.

Precautions after laser hair removal treatment:

The depilation site should pay attention to sunscreen one week before treatment and two weeks after treatment. The depilation site should not be depilated, waxed depilated and electrolytic depilated two weeks before treatment.

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