Laser hair removal accident: whether it belongs to medical treatment or life beauty is inconclusive

Recently, at the laser beauty related conference held in Hong Kong, the meeting participants had a profound discussion on the safety and scope of use of is laser epilation safe beauty, but there was no consensus on how to characterize the laser hair removal accident, whether it was a medical accident or a life beauty event.

Although both the life beauty industry and the medical industry agree that do laser epilators work hair removal has high risk, the former believes that it is only caused by improper treatment in the life beauty process. One of the supporters of this view, ye Shixiong, chairman of the Hong Kong Beauty Industry Association, insisted that if not properly handled in the process of laser hair removal, it may burn those seeking beauty. However, laser hair removal belongs to low-risk beauty behavior and does not belong to medical behavior due to a little trauma. It is unscientific and unreasonable to classify it according to this principle.

On the contrary, the medical community insists that laser hair removal is traumatic and belongs to medical behavior. Because laser hair removal is a kind of micro plastic surgery, many people believe that laser hair removal is absolutely safe without surgery and injection. In fact, there are many medical accidents caused by laser hair removal. According to Liu Yanqing, director general of the Hong Kong Consumer Council, who attended the meeting, the number of complaints received by the Consumer Council on laser beauty has increased year after year, from 72 in 2010 to 78 last year, and then to 99 in the first 10 months of this year. Taking this year as an example, most of the complaints are related to side effects after treatment, including burns, scars, allergies and skin redness.

Although both sides hold their own principles, based on the principle of “people-oriented” and considering the physical health and safety of hair removal customers, the medical community supports that laser hair removal should be classified as medical treatment rather than life beauty, and said that it plans to introduce relevant supervision measures next year.

Xiaobian’s point of view: depilation is a big market. The provisions of the category will involve the core interests of both. However, whether it belongs to the medical category or the category of life beauty salon, it is necessary to provide customers with the safest service and the best depilation effect. The reason for this is that affected by the cost of depilation, some customers like depilation in beauty salons, and some choose plastic and beauty institutions. In short, both should operate reasonably, standardize services and prevent risks, which is the basis of shaping beauty.

Note: at present, many overseas countries and regions have put forward targeted measures on the ownership of life beauty and medical beauty projects. For example, in the United States, legislation prohibits beauty salons from carrying out treatment courses that damage the human body, including the use of lasers to remove the epidermis; In Macao, general beauty salons must apply for a license from the General Administration of civil affairs, while beauty salons operating weight loss, slimming, breast enhancement and massage must apply for a license from the tourism administration, and the license should be renewed and reviewed every year.

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