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Is it safe for laser to remove black spots?

If you don’t take good care of it at ordinary times, spots, especially black spots, are easy to appear on your face. Once black spots appear, they will not look good, so many people will choose laser to remove black spots. Is it safe for laser to remove black spots? Let’s find out.

Is it safe for laser to remove black spots?

There are multiple factors for the formation of black spots. The more common ones are genetic constitution. Some people have no spots on their faces all their life, but some people have freckles at the age of 20 and liver spots at the age of 30; Female hormones, some young girls are perfect, but after pregnancy or childbirth, spots appear one after another; Skin inflammation stimulates melanocytes to produce too much melanin; Long term excessive ultraviolet radiation makes a large amount of melanin difficult to eliminate; The aging of the skin causes abnormal accumulation of stratum corneum, and melanin is not easy to decompose and metabolize; Long term exposure to too hot environment will make melanocytes active.

Laser speckle removal mainly uses penetrating light to go deep into the bottom layer of the skin to extract melanin, break pigment cells, and expel pigment cells out of the body through skin metabolism to avoid re deposition of pigment and rebound. Moreover, through the selective photopyrolysis of laser speckle removal, on the premise of not damaging normal skin, we use the action principle of different wavelengths to carry out personalized solutions according to the skin characteristics of each woman. Laser speckle removal is loved by the majority of beauty seekers because of its remarkable effect, but it is also worried about adverse reactions due to the poor effect of laser speckle removal.

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