Is freezing point depilation suitable for light skin?

I have a good figure, but my hair is very heavy. I feel particularly embarrassed when I go to the swimming pool and other places. Is there any good hair removal method now?

Q & A: too much and too long body hair really often gives people the feeling of dirty and untidy. Especially in the season of wearing less clothes or swimming, too much and too long body hair makes people very embarrassed.

However, shaving, the thicker the shaving, the more the gain is not worth the loss; Depilation is not only painful, but also easy to cause infection and can not solve the fundamental problem; Depilatory cream, in addition to its high price, the key is to take off it for a long time.

Now, laser hair removal is a hair removal method recognized by patients, which can achieve a more lasting effect. Although the traditional laser method is reliable, it takes time, especially in places with large areas such as back and legs, it often takes more than half a day. There is also pain. The hair on lips, cheeks and other parts is more uncomfortable.

In addition, traditional laser hair removal may also form blisters or even pigmentation.

SHR freezing point depilation is a relatively new concept. It is actually laser depilation, but there are obvious improvements in speed and pain, and it is more suitable for people with light skin color and deep hair.

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