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How to avoid side effects after microneedle

At the moment, the field of medical beauty and plastic surgery is more and more sought after by you, and there are countless plastic surgery projects. Microneedle dot matrix laser to remove black circles is an activity that most people are excited about. There are few beauty projects, which can solve the skin condition of the eyes.

How to avoid side effects after microneedle

Therefore, will the pain subside after microneedle plastic goes to the dark circles for 3 days? The pain of any plastic surgery is related to the patient’s postoperative maintenance. It is expected that the pain will subside in a short time, so you have to strengthen the nursing. Now let’s take a look at microneedle plastic to remove the dark circles, and the pain will subside for a long time.

1、 What is microneedle

Microneedle is a cosmetic method that can refine the skin tissue. There are many small needles on such equipment. They can be used to stimulate the skin tissue and achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation. Microneedle can also remove acne and repair scars. It is a very comprehensive way of medical beauty.

2、 Which skin problems can be improved by micro acupuncture

Because there are many effects of microneedle, it is also suitable for many people. It can treat loose and falling skin tissue, obvious pores, dry skin, yellowing skin, red blood filaments, acne scars and marks, and even swelling lines and postpartum stretch marks. The effect of microneedle on acne scars and marks is very obvious.

The great function of microneedle is to improve pores. Because microneedle can conditionally stimulate the new construction of collagen, it can obviously close pores, reduce shallow wrinkles and whiten to a certain extent. It can also alleviate the phenomenon of heavy bags under the eyes caused by overtime. It is very suitable for ordinary skin cleaning.

3、 The pain of microneedle plastic to remove dark circles around the eyes dissipated for a long time

It is usually not very painful to perform microneedle surgery to remove dark circles. Because plastic surgeons will perform local anesthesia for beauty lovers before the operation. Plastic surgery is performed in local anesthesia mode, but there may be a little pain in the process of postoperative recovery, but this kind of pain is still affordable for most people, and the duration of pain is not very long, It usually dissipates around 2-3 days after operation.

However, the duration of pain is also related to the physical condition of beauty lovers. If the physical condition of beauty lovers is relatively good and the basic metabolism of the whole body is fast, the time limit for the dissipation of postoperative pain will be advanced. In addition, the cycle of continuous pain will be threatened by the maintenance work of beauty lovers.

4、 Micro needle plastic to remove dark circles for a long time

Microneedle plastic removes dark circles 2-6 times a course of treatment, with an interval of four weeks, which is determined according to the phenomenon of body repair of beauty lovers. Normally, the interval between two microneedle cosmetic operations is no less than four weeks, because after microneedle cosmetic surgery, we must wait until skin repair to see the effect, because the time limit of skin repair is four weeks, In this regard, it must take four weeks after the micro needle to see a better therapeutic effect.

In a word, two times of microneedle roller must not be less than four weeks.

5、 Is there harm in removing dark circles with micro needle plastic

Micro needle plastic to remove dark circles, compared with no risk.

Microneedles can stimulate somatic cells and remove pigmentation around the eyes, so as to achieve the effect of removing dark circles. The side effects of microneedle are relatively small and the effect is very obvious. It can remove heavy bags under the eyes in a short time and last for a long time.

After finishing the micro needle, remember to quit mouth and don’t eat irritating food. In addition to affecting the appearance, the panda eye is also a signal of a kind of disease. If it is often invaded by the panda eye in daily life, please see a doctor immediately.

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