How much is micro needle acne removing printing? The price of micro needle acne removing printing once

A complete microneedle needs about 2-4 times of treatment, causing small wounds or microchannels on the skin surface. Various nutrient solutions are injected into it, 1000-2000 yuan / time, and rest for 2-3 days after operation. The interval between two treatments can vary according to the treatment site, effect and personal constitution. Since microneedle plastic therapy has not been certified and licensed by China’s drug regulatory department, you must consult the regular medical and beauty institutions when choosing it.

Experience of removing acne with micro needle

Finally, I tried medical beauty. I heard a friend say that someone’s skin is worse than me, there are many acne marks, and I like to grow acne very much, but later I went to do medical beauty micro needle to get acne marks, fixed the skin, and showed me her photos. There are really no acne marks now. Then I was deeply planted with grass in my heart ~ I finally did it not long ago ~

The function of microneedles is to directly destroy and regroup the pores, so that the pores can grow again, and the maintenance products can be better absorbed. I usually don’t dare to apply thick skin care products because I can oil and rub mud. After that, Dr. Yang applied me a very thick layer. I was a little flustered at that time, but I absorbed them, probably because the pores were open, I will absorb it for a while. On the second day, I can also absorb the mask that I used to open in my hospital. This beauty mask is quite magical. It feels like jelly, which is very comfortable to apply.

You can only use the skin care products of the medical beauty class for the first few days, because the first week is all the stuff you can go into the deep skin. If you use the makeup grade haul, then the preservatives, the essence of essence will go into the skin, and you can’t wash your face with tap water, because tap water is dirty, actually, you can use pure water or makeup remover. But clean it with a cotton pad.

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