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How much is a micro needle

Generally, the price of microneedles in regular hospitals is about 3000 to 6000 yuan.

The specific price is not fixed, and the final price will be different due to the beauty seeker’s own situation and the selected medical devices.

How much is the micro needle? The price of nano micro needle in a beauty salon

Influencing factors of microneedle price

  1. It is related to the technology and equipment of the hospital: the medical level, technical strength and surgical methods of hospitals with different qualifications are different. Regular plastic surgery hospitals use international advanced treatment instruments and treatment operations. In microneedle treatment, the drugs used in different operations are also very different, which will have a certain impact on the cost of microneedle.
  2. Related to doctors: the price of microneedle plastic surgery for doctors at different levels is different. Experienced plastic surgeons charge higher than ordinary plastic surgeons, because high-level doctors have exquisite technology and good aesthetics, the postoperative effect is very perfect, and can also ensure the safety of hand surgery and avoid the occurrence of sequelae.

How much is the micro needle? The price of nano micro needle in a beauty salon

Types and differences of microneedles

There are two ways of micro needle beauty, one is manual and the other is electric. The effects and methods of the two ways of beauty micro needle are also different.

The difference between the electric micro needle and the roller micro needle: the roller is manually operated, and the control force is completely in the individual’s hand. Moreover, it rolls forward. Pushing forward has a large tear on the skin color, which is difficult to control. It has a large force, heavy pain, and can’t pierce the skin when the force is small.

How much is the micro needle? The price of nano micro needle in a beauty salon

Key points for attention after microneedle operation

  1. Choose the length of microneedle according to your own needs. Personally, I don’t think it is necessary to apply anesthetic below 1mm, which will affect the effect.
  2. Within 72 hours after the end of microneedle, be careful not to bask in the sun, do not make up, do not apply sunscreen, and do not protect skin. Do not touch water within 36 hours.
  3. before applying the freeze-dried powder, it is best to wipe the face with saline solution. There is dirt and grease. I spray it with the spray of the sprayer and wipe it. (because the skin will be very dry after microneedle and can be hydrated) it may dry and itch halfway. Don’t scratch it with your hands.

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