How many courses of laser freckle removal can be effective?

When it comes to freckle removal, many people will choose the method of laser freckle removal. So how many courses of laser freckle removal can be effective? Let’s have a look.

How many courses of treatment does laser freckle take effect?

The application of laser freckle removal has super. The strong penetrating light goes deep into the bottom layer of the skin to extract melanin, breaks the pigment cells, and expels the pigment cells out of the body through skin metabolism. Fortunately, the pigment is deposited again to form a rebound. In addition, through the selective photopyrolysis of laser freckle removal, we can apply the action principle of different wavelengths to carry out personalized solutions according to the skin characteristics of each patient without destroying the normal skin.

Whether you are spots, coffee spots, chloasma, age spots, etc. The laser instrument can select targeted solutions according to the formation principle of color spots, coordinate the biological stimulation, rearrange and regenerate the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin, restore the elasticity of the skin, make the skin white and flawless, and make you transparent and moving.

How long each operation takes depends on the scope of treatment. For example, laser removal of nevus can be completed in a few minutes. The course of treatment of this method is right or wrong, which is also determined according to the scope of treatment and the depth of pigment. Like the surface spots or stripes, the eyeliner can be completed at one time, and the deep pigment takes about three to five times.

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