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How long does the actual effect of microneedle beauty last

Microneedle beauty is a popular whitening method in today’s beauty industry. It is also a medical beauty technology that can achieve a variety of practical effects of beauty and skin care. According to the micro needle beauty, it can whiten the skin, remove acne pits, fade age spots, eliminate wrinkles and other functions and effects, and make people’s face younger. So, what is the basic principle of microneedle beauty? The following will give a detailed introduction to this matter!

1、 What is microneedle beauty?

Microneedle beauty comes from the UK. Microneedle plastic is popular. Microneedle rollers are used to stimulate skin and make many ultra-fine particle pipelines to make specific ingredients penetrate into the skin reasonably. In addition, it can stimulate the proliferation of dermal collagen powder and fibroblasts. This kind of minimally invasive surgery is to use “micro needle beauty” smaller than 30g fine needle to carry out micro prick posture. Many oral micro needle beauty supporting facilities acmetea stimulate the all-round conversion of micro needle beauty nutrients into somatic active substances when new cells regenerate. Not only the “micro trauma” healed quickly, but also did not leave scars.

2、 The basic principle of microneedle beauty?

The basic principle of microneedle beauty is to use many tiny needle tubes on the microneedle roller to irritate the skin. In a very short time, microneedle beauty can make more than millions of ultra-fine particle pipelines, so that the specific ingredients can reasonably penetrate into the skin. It is equipped with special products such as wrinkle removal, skin whitening, repair, stretch marks removal and scar removal. Many oral microneedle beauty supporting facilities acmetea, When stimulating the regeneration of new cells, the micro needle cosmetic nutrients are comprehensively converted into somatic active substances. So as to achieve the ideal practical effects of reducing wrinkles, treating scars and stretch marks, skin whitening, reducing color spots, improving eye wrinkles, dark circles, tightening and improving facial skin tissue. In addition, microneedle beauty irritating dermis promotes collagen proliferation according to the self-healing ability of the skin.

3、 How long does the actual effect of microneedle beauty last

In theory, the actual effect of microneedle beauty can be maintained permanently, but the premise is that there are no skin problems such as acne marks and stretch marks in newborns. In addition, in order to achieve excellent practical effect of microneedle beauty, it is necessary to ensure: sunscreen, isolation, antifouling, anti irritation (do not eat irritant food), and it is prohibited to use functional skin care products and skin care products.

The above is a detailed introduction to the basic principles of microneedle beauty and its practical effect. It can be found that the actual effect of microneedle beauty is still relatively good. Naturally, if you want to achieve the actual effect of permanent beauty and skin care according to microneedle beauty, it is not good to rely on only one treatment. You need to carry out treatment according to a certain treatment process!

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