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How long does microneedle acne removing print take effect? How many times does microneedle acne removing print have effect

The best effect of microneedle in the treatment of concave acne marks will occur in 1-3 months.

In regular medical institutions, micro needle treatment of concave acne marks usually has the effect of pore tightening in a week. At the same time, the effects of tightening skin, improving skin quality and reducing wrinkles will gradually occur.

Micro needle acne removing printing has an effect several times

Microneedle acne removal refers to microneedle to remove acne marks. Generally, microneedle acne removal once has a certain effect. However, if it is a skin with serious acne marks, microneedle acne removal once cannot completely remove acne marks. For serious acne marks, microneedle treatment is generally required for 3-5 times. However, the acne marks of each subject are different, so the times required for microneedle acne removal are also different.

Micro needle to remove acne marks is suitable for people

Microneedle acne removing needle has a good effect on superficial acne marks. Generally, microneedle acne removing needle is suitable for 18-35-year-old teenagers and adolescents with acne marks on their faces. For some deep pockmarks, the effect of microneedles is limited. It is best to choose lattice laser to remove deep pockmarks.

Tips for removing acne marks

  1. Skin care products for removing black acne marks. The commonly used skin care products include VC, acids, nicotinamide and arbutin.
  2. Eat less food containing pigment. For example: soy sauce and so on. The fairies had to endure their mouths for their faces.
  3. Pay attention to sunscreen! This is a very key thing ~ long term non sunscreen will lead to melanin deposition, so you’d better do your sunscreen homework.
  4. You can eat more bananas and honey at ordinary times. These two foods can effectively help you discharge your stool and remove toxins from your body.
  5. Facial cleaning plays a decisive role in removing acne marks. Therefore, it is recommended that the skin with acne marks should be cleaned with a mild cleansing cleanser to avoid clogging of skin pores.

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