How long can the micro needle remove the scar? How long can the micro needle remove the scar and restore nature

After each microneedle treatment, generally rest for 10-15 days before the skin can return to normal from the surface.

Micro needle scar removal uses many tiny needles on the micro needle roller to stimulate the skin. In a very short time, the micro needle can make more than 200000 micro tubes to achieve the purpose of scar removal by stimulating the regeneration of collagen.

How long does microneedle take effect to remove scars

The effect of microneedle scar removal takes time to reflect. This is because the cause of scar formation is the hyperplasia formed after dermal injury repair. Microneedle scar removal can repair the scar by stimulating skin collagen to wear white and regenerate. This process takes time to reflect. Generally, the effect of microneedle scar removal is reflected after 28 days, because after microneedle treatment, The skin metabolism cycle is 28 days.

Does it hurt to remove the scar with micro needle

It hurts a little, but it’s basically tolerable.

The process of micro needle scar removal will make most people feel pain. Some beauty lovers react that if the scar is relatively shallow, the process of micro needle scar removal is like the feeling of many small ants biting gently. This pain is tolerable.

Precautions for micro needle scar removal

  1. Avoid using irritating maintenance products

After micro acupuncture, beauty lovers should pay attention not to use skin care products containing fruit acid, A-acid, salicylic acid, exfoliation, high concentration, vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients. Although the skin care products containing these ingredients have a functional effect on the skin, the skin barrier after microneedle treatment is damaged, and these ingredients directly enter the inner part of the skin stratum corneum, which will cause skin inflammation. Therefore, after finishing the micro needle beauty, do not privately use some irritant maintenance products with special functions.

2 don’t swim

Beauty lovers had better not swim after micro needle beauty treatment, because whether they swim in the swimming pool or in the river, the swimming water is not pure, but water containing many bacteria and sundries. After the microneedle, the barrier function of the skin is temporarily damaged, and the protective mechanism is very fragile. Therefore, after the microneedle, do not go swimming without recovery.

3 use sterile moisturizing products to promote recovery

The new supersedes the old. After the treatment of microneedles, it is necessary to use sterile and moisturizing products to repair. Because the skin’s metabolism is accelerated after the microneedles are finished, the beauty loving people usually feel dry. Therefore, it is recommended to use the moisturizing mask for more than three weeks, and use the sterile facial mask or the medical moisturizing product for the first 3 days.

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