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How about the effect of micro needle to remove scars? Does micro needle to remove scars work

Micro needle has the effect of removing scars, but it is best to use gold micro needle to remove scars.

Gold microneedle is a combination of radio frequency and microneedle therapy. The reason why gold microneedle can remove scars is that the microneedle can needle the small needle of the machine into the skin dermis, and then release energy at the needle tip to destroy the collagen tissue near the microneedle. The damaged collagen of the microneedle will gradually reorganize and regenerate, and the regenerated skin tissue collagen will replace the original scar, You can eliminate the scar.

Does microneedle work to remove scars

Microneedle scar removal has a certain improvement effect, but microneedle only plays a role in superficial scars and can not completely restore the flatness of scars. It just says that microneedle can improve scars to a certain extent. If you are a beauty lover who wants to remove some concave scars, you can choose to inject to remove the scars. If it is a more serious scar, you can choose the surgical method to sew the scar again to remove the scars.

Micro needle scar removing diet contraindication

Beauty lovers should be forbidden to eat some spicy food and seafood and drink alcohol after operation, because this type of food is easy to prolong the postoperative recovery time and increase the risk of re proliferation of scars after operation. Avoid the following foods:

1 spicy food: such as wine, pepper, pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, etc.

2 “hair”: seafood (shelled seafood), chicken, duck, goose and mutton.

3 hot fruits and vegetables: oranges, grapes, plums, pumpkins, etc.

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