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Gold microneedle RF?

Gold micro needle frequency injection is not only a kind of micro needle beauty, but also a treatment method with good therapeutic effect. Gold micro needle frequency injection can achieve a variety of practical effects of beauty and skin care, such as removing all kinds of wrinkles, treating coarse pores and dull skin types on the face, and also has a certain practical effect on acne and its scars. Next, let’s explain in detail the principle, function and advantages of gold micro needle frequency injection.

1、 Beauty principle of gold frequency injection microneedle

  1. The stimulation of mechanical equipment of microneedle beauty, coupled with the microbial effect and heat stimulation caused by frequency radiation, stimulate the skin’s self repair system, promote basic metabolism, promote blood circulation, and start the newborn and rearrangement of collagen powder;
  2. The penetration of micro needle beauty opens a safe channel for convenient digestion and absorption of the skin, which is conducive to the entry of beauty and skin care ingredients into the skin;
  3. The frequency emission kinetic energy sent by the micro needle beauty needle is single, which destroys the hair follicles, skin glands and sweat glands, inhibits inflammatory mediators, and stimulates its own anti infection repair system.
  4. Gold frequency injection micro needle beauty is equipped with three different needle tubes, namely face, human body and stretch marks.

2、 Cosmetic effect of gold frequency injection microneedle

  1. Face shaping, firming and improving, canthus lines, forehead wrinkles, forehead lines, eyebrow lines, tear groove lines, mouth lines, canthus wrinkles and other various wrinkles, and tighten the skin;
  2. Wrinkles: canthus wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, tear grooves, canthus wrinkles;
  3. Stretch marks and swelling marks;
  4. Whitening and rejuvenation: the pores on the face are thick and the skin type is dim;
  5. Scars: pockmarks, pockmarks and burn scars.

3、 Beauty advantages of gold frequency injection micro needle

  1. Compared with the general micro needle beauty, the gold micro needle is quickly released and released under the control of the electronic control system, with less skin damage and fast repair; In addition, according to the needs, the micro needle beauty can be accurately adjusted to penetrate the deep layer to make the treatment more accurate;
  2. Compared with the general frequency, the gold frequency radiation prevents the stimulation and damage of the frequency kinetic energy to the outer skin, and reduces the incidence rate of side effects such as scald, color and sedimentation. In addition, according to the needs, the deep level of frequency radiation effect can be accurately controlled to make the frequency radiation effect more focused and accurate;
  3. The combination of micro needle beauty and frequency injection makes the treatment more accurate and efficient, and greatly improves the effect of beauty and skin care;
  4. In addition, it has a certain effect on reducing face weight, especially for fat people.

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