Expert Q & A: fully decrypt laser hair removal


  1. Is laser hair removal seasonal? Which season is the most suitable for depilation?

Professor Guo Qing: Generally speaking, laser hair removal rarely damages the skin and does not affect normal activities, so it is suitable for treatment in any season. However, if you want to keep local dry in hot weather, you should pay attention to less sweating in some parts that are easy to sweat, such as armpit and pudenda; In addition, pay attention to sunscreen.

  1. What part of a woman must depilate? Is there anything particular about it?

Professor Guo Qing: the depilation parts vary from person to person. Generally, female friends are more concerned about lip hair, hand hair, foot hair and armpit hair. In addition, depilation can also be carried out on the back and neck if the hair is thick. As for bikini hair, according to their own needs, such as going to the beach, facing the beach, wearing bikini and overgrown weeds in the lower body will affect the beauty.

  1. Will laser hair removal affect sweating?

Professor Guo Qing: No. Hair follicle and sweat gland are two independent structures. Hair grows from hair follicle, while sweat gland is next to hair follicle. They are not the same thing. The process of depilation only destroys hair follicle growth cells and will not affect sweat glands at all, so it will not affect sweating.

  1. What is the scope of application of laser hair removal?

Professor Guo Qing: laser is easier to remove dark hair, light hair is relatively difficult, and white hair is invalid. Excess black hair can be removed from all parts of the body (upper and lower limbs, large and small legs, chest, abdomen, hairline, facial beard, outside the bikini line). Electroacupuncture, medicine, electric tweezers and other instruments are ineffective or unsuccessful in hair removal.

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