Do you know that laser hair removal is best in spring?

When is the best season for hair removal? This is one of the most concerned problems of many MM who don’t want to be troubled by hair, because choosing the time is closely related to the hair removal effect, convenience of life, dressing, etc. in this regard, Xiaobian is now sharing their suggestions and feelings with you by consulting experts and MM who has done laser hair removal.

In recent years, with the change of aesthetic concept, top at home laser hair removal is no longer a sneaky project. It is accepted by most people and favored by female friends. Nevertheless, they have deep doubts about when laser hair removal is best done to achieve the best effect. In this regard, laser depilation experts and MM who have done laser depilation will make suggestions and share laser depilation experience for your reference.

According to Xiaobian, laser hair removal is seasonal, because it has no wound and does not need recovery period. It can be treated at any time. However, laser depilation experts believe that the best season for laser depilation is spring, because spring is the season for the growth of all things, and the growth of human hair also follows this law. Choosing this time for depilation has two advantages: first, removing the existing hair and potential hair follicles together can play the role of “treating both symptoms and root causes”; Second, laser hair removal needs 3 ~ 5 times to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Those seeking beauty choose spring hair removal. As soon as the temperature rises, they can wear suspenders, short skirts and T-shirts without fear to show their beauty at will.

Because the laser hair removal laser system is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics, by reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength and energy pulse width, the laser can pass through the surface layer of the skin to reach the root hair follicle, and the light energy is absorbed and transformed into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair can lose its regeneration ability without damaging the surrounding tissue and slight pain, Therefore, it is loved by mm. Hair removal devices comparison the whole process of hair removal is very easy and the effect is obvious, but if the operation is improper, it does feel a little pain, but it will not hurt the skin; Generally, there is no hair after 3 times, but the axillary part is special. It has been done twice before it is completely eliminated.

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