Depilation surgery, strength creates beauty

Suitable for laser hair removal? The effect of laser depilation is better when the hair is darker and thicker. Too much axillary hair, too much calf hair, too much thigh hair, too much upper arm hair, too much beard and too heavy. It is not suitable for laser hair removal, such as “hair, scar constitution” with fine hair and light color.

Should depilation be permanent or temporary?

In summer, the clothes are short, and the excess body hair has become the most annoying problem for Ms. Aimei. At this time, the damage caused by improper depilation occurs from time to time. How can we safely depilate?

Experts remind beauty loving women that they must choose appropriate hair removal methods according to their own conditions to change their “hands and feet” healthily and effectively. The current hair removal methods can be roughly divided into permanent hair removal and temporary hair removal.

Temporary depilation includes depilation cream, depilation wax, pulling out, scraping and other methods, but they only treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. This is because the hair is divided into hair stem and hair follicle. Most of the hair stem is exposed on the surface of the skin, and the hair follicle is deep in the epidermis. At present, the common traditional methods can only remove the hair stem outside the skin without affecting the hair follicle, so there is the problem of repeated depilation and repeated growth Phenomenon. Especially when scraping is adopted, we must form the habit of scraping every day, otherwise the small black slag will really hurt the elegance.

Traditional hair removal methods can not only remove the hair, but also easily damage the skin. Laser surgery can make up for this deficiency. Laser hair removal applies the principle of selective photothermal, takes the melanin in the skin capsule as the target, and the color base makes the excitation light act on the hair root through the separated laser wavelength and pulse width. In this part, the light energy is absorbed and can be transformed into the energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue Laser hair removal will not damage the epidermis and leave scars. There is only slight pain during treatment, and there is almost no effect on the skin after treatment.

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