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Can you inject a water light needle after laser freckle removal

When it comes to laser freckle removal, I believe many women are no stranger. Some girls are born with spots, but some girls are caused by some factors the day after tomorrow. No matter what factors, facial spots will want to have some good tricks to remove, so many women will choose laser freckle removal tricks, but how much do you know about laser freckle removal?

Let’s take a look. Can I get a water light needle after laser freckle removal?

The best interval is longer. Laser freckle removal hurts the skin.

The laser uses a strong beam to disperse the pigment spots in the basal layer of the skin in an instant, but at the same time, the laser also damages the integrity of the skin and destroys the skin’s self-care barrier.

It is suggested that it is best not to use the water light needle again, because the water light needle will damage the skin like the laser. The damaged skin has not recovered yet, so it is still better not to use it. To eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more nutrients, such as pig feet. But don’t eat spicy food and avoid going to bed late.

Who is not suitable for water light needle

Water light needle is not suitable for everyone. Generally, women in pregnancy or lactation are not suitable for water light needle. In addition, people with acne outside and people under the age of 18 can’t play water light needle. There are many people who are not suitable for water light needle. Let’s learn more.

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