Can laser hair removal have children

Core tip: summer is coming. In addition to weight loss, what female friends are most concerned about is hair removal. After all, no one wants to show thick armpit hair when raising their hands. With the advantages of fast, complete and painless, laser hair removal has become the most respected hair removal method by female friends. Some women find that they are pregnant after laser hair removal. Whether they can have a child at this time depends on the results of the birth test. If the birth test is normal, they can have a child. In addition, it is better for women to do laser hair removal for one month and have a baby.

In summer, the most important beautiful event for women is hair removal. In order to take off their hair, women use all kinds of hair removal methods. Although shaving with razor is convenient and fast, the hair is always reborn after a period of time. Hair removal with hair removal cream will always cause skin tingling, redness and swelling. Wax hair removal makes women cry with pain. Now there is a painless, fast and complete hair removal method – laser hair removal. The emergence of laser hair removal makes many girls happy. But some women accidentally find themselves pregnant after laser hair removal. So, can they have children after laser hair removal? Let’s learn more about it.

Can laser hair removal have children? If laser hair removal is done, it is recommended to prepare for pregnancy after one month. If you have just done laser hair removal and find yourself pregnant, in this case, you should actively have a prenatal examination to confirm whether there is abnormal fetal development. If the fetal development is abnormal, you need to terminate the pregnancy. If you are pregnant, female friends are advised not to do laser hair removal. After all, the health of the fetus in the abdomen during pregnancy is the most important, and the laser irradiation on the skin has a certain sense of heat and pain. The high temperature outside during pregnancy will affect the normal development of the fetus in the abdomen. In addition, if the doctor is too nervous about food during operation or during hair removal of pregnant women, it will also lead to uterine contraction and abortion. It is recommended that women wait for laser hair removal after production.

Women should avoid skin exposure a week before laser hair removal. Exposed skin is easy to burn after laser hair removal. At present, there are many kinds of laser hair removal instruments used in hospitals, such as semiconductor laser, opt laser, freezing point laser, moonlight vacuum hair removal instrument, etc. at present, the best hair removal instruments are freezing point laser and moonlight vacuum hair removal instrument. These two hair removal instruments have high comfort in hair removal. With the help of double pulse mode, freezing point laser irradiates hair follicles, gently destroys hair follicle tissue and reduces the pain of hair removal. The moonlight vacuum depilation instrument uses vacuum negative pressure to stretch and thin the skin, reduce the absorption of laser heat by the epidermis, and reduce the pain of laser on the skin at the same time.

Through the above introduction, I believe you should know something about laser hair removal. Although the effect of laser hair removal is outstanding, it is not suitable for everyone. Women must avoid three special periods, physiological period, pregnancy and lactation. In addition, if the female skin has inflammation, she can’t do depilation.