Can girls do laser whitening?

Adolescent girls are very concerned about their appearance. Can adolescent girls do laser whitening? Let’s get to know it with Xiaobian.

Adolescent laser whitening?

Girls are still in puberty and their bodies have not fully developed. Laser whitening is likely to cause imbalance of female hormone secretion, and will cause some irritation to the skin, which will affect the metabolism of the skin, then affect the skin health and induce skin diseases, and will also have a certain impact on the health of the body.

Therefore, it is best not to carry out laser whitening in adolescence, and it is best to receive laser whitening treatment after the age of 18, so as to reduce the side effects of laser whitening as much as possible.

Is laser whitening effective?

Laser whitening solves skin problems by using the photothermal effect of laser. During diagnosis and treatment, a certain photothermal effect will occur when the laser beam irradiates the skin. The specific wavelength of laser is used to irradiate the skin lesions, so that the light energy can be converted into heat energy, and then selectively absorbed.

The extremely high heat energy can rapidly pyrolyze and gasify the skin lesion structure, or break into small fragments, which are swallowed by the phagocytic and secreted cells in the body and excreted out of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of removing skin melanin.

Laser whitening is a wonderful way to use selective effect for diagnosis and treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of complete whitening. After laser whitening, the skin collagen fibers can be rearranged to reduce wrinkles, tighten pores and increase skin elasticity. The result of laser whitening is very satisfactory.

Laser has the function of whitening skin. It is necessary to protect the skin, reduce the ultraviolet radiation, and pay attention to supplement the necessary moisture of the skin. It has the function of whitening the skin. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to supplement the necessary moisture of the skin, reduce the ultraviolet radiation, and eat more foods with high vitamin C content in order to eliminate the melanin in the skin, Can also choose the laser whitening trick to dilute the spots.

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