Can an ordinary beauty shop depilate? How to choose a depilation place

Core tip: many people will ask why some beauty salons are very cheap and beauty salons are very expensive? At this time, we should consider whether the beauty salon is formal, whether there is a business license, whether there is a professional operator, and whether depilation is a small skin project, but improper operation will damage the skin. Therefore, if you choose to depilate, you must go to a formal beauty salon.

When summer comes, many people choose to use laser depilation. Laser depilation is the most effective and safe depilation method at present. Some people still scrape or apply depilation cream by themselves. This kind of maintenance time is very short, and it can grow in three days. Therefore, it is recommended to use laser depilation. Can laser depilation be done anywhere? Can ordinary beauty salons also do hair removal? How to choose the depilation place is introduced below.

Can ordinary beauty shops depilate? Everyone must have seen examples of skin burns caused by depilation in ordinary beauty salons. Although depilation is a very routine skin project, it is easy to cause skin damage or burns if it is not operated properly. In addition, laser depilation requires professional doctors to operate before there will be no problems. Laser depilation is mainly caused by the photothermal effect of laser on hair follicles. If the energy is not well controlled, it is easy to cause skin burns, The laser operator of ordinary beauty salon may be the one who works after three days of training. He is not very familiar with laser instruments, but simply thinks that as long as he can operate. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a regular beauty salon when depilating, so as not to cause harm to your body.

How to choose a depilation place? Depilation or to choose a professional formal beauty salon, first of all, the formal beauty salon instruments are formal, there is no parallel goods. In addition, laser operators in regular beauty salons work with certificates. The requirement for them is that they must be thoroughly familiar with the instrument and understand the action principle of each probe. Only in this way can they control the energy and avoid skin burns and other accidents.

It should be reminded that the permanent effect can only be achieved after 6-8 times of laser depilation. People who have depilated once and grow up in January often call the doctor to ask why they haven’t depilated completely. In fact, depilation once can’t depilate cleanly. Hair has a growth cycle. Laser depilation only works on the hair in the growth period. Therefore, it’s normal not to depilate once. Generally, it can be depilated after 6-8 times. You should be aware of this.